Party FAQs

Where are the parties held?

The parties are held at your chosen venue – be it at home, or a venue of your choice. Village and church halls and pavilions are excellent choices as there is plenty of space.


How long will I need for my jewellery making party?

We find that an hour is plenty of time for our younger guests at a Little Buds Party to become absorbed in their jewellery making.

DIY make your own braceletWe spend at least an hour and a half at a Little Blooms party, to allow guests to make their special sets and get expert assistance.

For older guests aged 12 and over, up to two hours is ideal in order for them to learn about jewellery techniques, planning and design.


What is the structure of the party?

We arrive just 10 minutes before the party to set up, start as soon as the girls have arrived, and continue on until the last guest has completed their final piece. The final half hour of each party time will be spent helping and ensuring all guests finish their piece, jewellery is placed in their personalised bags, certificates handed out and the area cleared of any jewellery and spare beads.

If you are planning a Little Blooms or Flowers party, please ensure there is time for party food and we can move any incomplete pieces to an area where we can complete them either with or without the guests!


What is the ideal size of a party?

To ensure that you get the best party, we recommend between 6-8 guests if you are holding the party at home, or 8-120 for a larger venue. This is also so that all the guests get as much one on one attention as possible, and helped as much as they possibly can. We can of course, provide an additional party host should you have 14 or more children at the party. This is an additional charge.


What should I expect at a party?

We will arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before the jewellery making party begins in order to set up and meet the guests.

We bring examples so that the guests know what and how to make their pieces.Make your own necklace bracelet


What will I need?

We will only need access to a table and chairs for the party – preferably separate to where guests will be eating. Please ensure there is adequate space for us to access and help each guest with their pieces.

Please note that for Little Buds parties (5-7 year olds), we ask that there is at least one other grown up to assist with the party, and keep an eye on their needs.


What planning goes into each party?

Party planning is essential, so a lot of time goes into pre-event organisation to ensure every party runs smoothly!

As every party is tailored on the day, we ensure that we have a complete range of jewellery techniques with us at each party.

You will also get thousands of beads to choose from; expert assistance; pre-printed personalised certificates for each girl; personalised organza bags with thank you cards; pre-made beading wire and other jewellery findings; and much more!


Prices and Booking


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