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It’s been a fun eight years providing parties to lots of children, going home feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. But it’s time to branch out now and utilise my time in the week while the children are in school.  Squirrelling away night and day, I have a variety of new postal beading kits aimed at busy parents who don’t necessarily live close by, or are simply searching for a fun activity that can occupy their children during a holiday or weekend – with or without their help.

Cue Etsy – the online marketplace for all things crafty, supporting local craftspeople to sell their products to lots of different markets locally and globally.   

I’m very excited about the whole thing. Since setting up a few products on Etsy less than a month ago – I’ve already started to have sales, and I have so many ideas for products that I’m not able to get them listed quick enough!

So, here’s my aim – to provide beading and jewellery making kits for children aged 5-15 years old, as well as party bag fillers such as the ready made necklaces and keyrings I already sell lots of to existing customers, and – going back to my roots – making fun jewellery to sell! Each of the beading kits have full instructions all tried and tested along with all the items needed to make them all.

Yay! Gotta go, my jewellery table is calling me as its looking rather empty without me…

Find my new products on Etsy at

But please keep looking back for more products and hopefully a full shop soon ?


Sara x

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