It’s time to party plan!

The sunshine, the bright blue skies, the flowers begin to bloom – yes, it’s the advent of summer and time for partying, BBQs and weddings! Unfortunately for us Brits, summer doesn’t always bring with it the beautiful summers days, rather it means unsettled weather and parties with an added indoor option in case of torrential rain!

Tips for planning a perfect party

If the thought of planning a party, come rain or shine, fills you with fear and dread, we have devised a useful little planner that you can adapt depending on the type of party you will be holding. It covers many of the aspects of party planning that can be overlooked, or just planned too late. We suggest that you plan a smaller event such as a children’s party at least 6 or more weeks prior to the actual event – and a party entertainer as soon as you or your child make a decision on the type of party you will hold – popular entertainers can get booked up for the weekends very quickly.

A party to consider…

A Pure Poppy jewellery making party is very different to other parties as it can be held indoors or out, at home or your choice of venue, and uses mental capacity rather than physical so your attendees can be completely engrossed for the duration of the party without you lifting a finger (apart from making yourself a cup of tea and leafing through a book!), and the children are all busy making jewellery pieces.

Use our party planning checklist now

Whatever you choose to do, a party is all in the planning!

Party planning checklist


Party planning checklist


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